Our Equipment

Our Equipment

At Flynns Dental Care, our modern equipment and strict adherence to all necessary precautions, safeguard you and our team. We use single-use disposable materials and equipment wherever possible for your protection.

Our dedicated central sterlisation room gives our patients the very best in cross-infection control. We have two Melag Class B vacuum autoclaves, representing the forefront of bench top auotoclave technology.

Digital X-Rays
We use digital x-rays which have many advantages over traditional x-rays:

  • Lower radiation required.
  • The ability to view and enlarge the x-ray image on a computer.
  • No deterioration in quality over time.
  • Faster processing time – ready to view very quickly.
  • No environmentaly harmful chemicals are used.

Panoramic X-Ray Machine
This is a machine that can take an x-ray of your whole mouth. As it is digital it has all the advantages of digital x-rays described above.

Computerised System
As a fully computerised dental practice, registered with the Data Protection Comissioner, we are able to provide you with a wealth of benefits.

By locating your dental records in seconds, we can respond to your enquiries very quickly and efficiently. Our free text appointment reminder service and e-mail facility enables us to contact you without disturbing your day.

You will also be able to view your dental x-rays easily and clearly on any computer within our practice, and gain a greater understanding of your teeth and gums.