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Christmas & New Year Opening Hours

Thursday 24th Dec, 2020
Friday 25th Dec, 2020
Saturday 26th Dec, 2020
Monday 28th Dec, 2020
9am – 6pm
Tuesday 29th Dec, 2020
9am – 6pm
Wednesday 30th Dec, 2020
Thursday 31st Dec, 2020
Friday 1st Jan, 2021
Saturday 2nd Jan, 2021
Monday 4th Jan, 2021
9am – 8pm

Our Equipment

At Flynns Dental Care, our modern equipment and strict adherence to all necessary precautions, safeguard you and our team. We use single-use disposable materials and equipment wherever possible for your protection.

Endodontic Microscope

Our Endodontist Dr Dennis Alarcón provides endodontic treatment using a Flexion Advanced Microscope from CJ Optik to provide the highest standard of root canal treatment and micro-apicoectomies.

In endodontics, accurate treatment is not only dependent on the technical skills and knowledge of the dentist, but also on clear, detailed visualisation of the surgical field.

As the outcome of an endodontic therapy is influenced by many factors that are not visible to the naked eye – e.g. additional root canals or anatomical variations – the high magnification and illumination provided by a dental microscope have become indispensable for both diagnosis and therapy. Today, it is widely agreed that the use of dental microscopes have helped to extend endodontic treatment potential.

Our state of the art CJ-Optik Flexion microscope

Digital X-Rays

We use digital x-rays which have many advantages over traditional rays:
  • Lower radiation required.
  • The ability to view and enlarge the x-ray image on a computer.
  • No deterioration in quality over time.
  • Faster processing time - ready to view very quickly.
  • No environmentally harmful chemicals are used.

Panoramic X-Ray Machine

This is a machine that can take an x-ray of your whole mouth. As it is digital it has all the advantages of digital x-rays described above.
Panoramic X-Rays from our Digital X-Ray Machine

Computerised System

As a fully computerised dental practice, registered with the Data Protection Commissioner, we are able to provide you with a wealth of benefits.

By locating your dental records in seconds, we can respond to your enquiries very quickly and efficiently. Our free text appointment reminder service and e-mail facility enables us to contact you without disturbing your day.

You will also be able to view your dental x-rays easily and clearly on any computer within our practice, and gain a greater understanding of your teeth and gums.


Our dedicated central sterlisation room gives our patients the very best in cross-infection control.

We have two Melag Class B vacuum autoclaves, representing the forefront of bench top autoclave technology.

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Winner Best Employer
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